Terror at Home

I’m going to get straight to the point: I am very upset by the attacks in Brussels about which I have been reading all morning and my heart goes out to all those who must mourn the death of a friend, a family member, or a colleague. To my friends and family: do not worry … More Terror at Home

Les Nations Unies

Hello Internet, It was a busy week I must say. To begin, Please take a look at this: I got my non-governmental UN badge on Wednesday. We got it, Joon and I, the other intern at Green Cross with me, and we were hoping to go a meeting with the G21 on nuclear disarmament but … More Les Nations Unies

Le Voyage

Hello Internet, As you can tell by the title of this blog post (I’m assuming you know what voyage means…), I will be taking a trip next week. This past week, I finished up classes and had two exams so I didn’t really do anything except study and prepare. The crazy part is that I … More Le Voyage

Pourquoi Pas?

Hello Internet, Welcome yourself to the most exciting blog post yet. You may be thinking, “Bubbles, (or whatever you call yourself), that’s a bold statement” and you’re right, Bubbles, it is a very bold statement, but I can promise that it is 100% true. Strap-in, this is a good one. First of all, I got … More Pourquoi Pas?


Hello Internet, I’m getting closer to getting my posts back on time. Hopefully, I’ll get it together this upcoming weekend and actually post on Sunday like I said I would. So, from this week: On Tuesday, I made my way to Lausanne, Switzerland, a decent sized town, that is just on the other side of … More Gagner!

Des Aventures

Hello Internet, I know, I know, my post is late this week. I’m sure you were up all night on Sunday, just waiting for my blog post and I’m sorry that it never came. The classes that I am enrolled in these first six weeks are very fast-paced in order to fit them into the … More Des Aventures

C’est très bien!

Hello Internet, Week number two is in the books. To begin, this week I went to back to Geneva’s old town to go to the Cathedral of Saint Peter and also the archaeological site underneath of it. In my opinion, doing such a thing is probably the biggest difference between the United States and Europe. First, … More C’est très bien!

La Première Semaine

Hello Internet, First and foremost: today, I hiked in the Alps. Like what??? I never thought I would be able to say that statement and let me just begin with saying: it was incredible. My roommate Jason and I climbed to the summit of Mont Salève, right over the border in France, with an elevation of … More La Première Semaine


Hello Internet, I have made it to Geneva, Switzerland. It feels weird to say that. I don’t think it’s hit me yet that I am actually living in a different country. My journey began in JFK. I flew direct on SwissAir from NYC to Geneva and talk about probably the best experience on an international … More Arrivé