Day One, Take Two

The Duomo, Milan’s Cathedral

Hello Internet,

I am back again. My apologies for the loss of communication for the last month of my time in Geneva. My laptop decided to quit working so I was unable to continue the blogging of my experience. Long story short, Geneva was a fantastic time and I miss it already. I flew back home without any difficulties in late April, spent a month with friends and family, and then last night/this morning, I flew to Milano, Italy, for my summer internship to which I alluded to in an earlier post. The flight was not nearly as nice as the one to Geneva in January. This time we flew United Airlines instead of a European airline like Swiss Air and there is a noticeable difference. On the American airlines, the food isn’t as good and neither are the commodities but it was an uneventful flight, which always something to hope for.

No clue, just liked the architecture

Now, we got off the flight (we as in me, the other Lehigh students, and our program director), and we are supposed to take a train from the Airport to the city center. We get on this train and all seems to be fine until we stop unexpectedly and are told that we have to wait further instructions because the station, Cadorna, to which we are heading is currently underwater because it has been raining so much. So we are forced to get off a few stops early, but we figure out that another train will be coming soon that will take us to Milano Centrale which is just on the other side of the city. This train comes and it is absolutely packed because it’s carrying all the people who would normally want to go to Centrale, plus all those who wanted to go to Cadorna. This is especially difficult for us as we have all of our luggage of course. So after checking every door from the front, we finally find enough space to squeeze in all the way in the back of the train. I have to say it had to be the most packed I had ever seen a train and of course, it’s one of the few times I have a backpack, suitcase, and carry-on, but we made it work.

Milan Street

We get to Centrale and we have to get a cab from there to our apartments and that all goes smoothly. I get to the Apartment and it is quite spacious, something I was not expecting, has a nice kitchen, and A/C! So I think I’m pretty set. I’m living with four other Americans (only one is in the same program as me though) and one Italian. The Italian is sort of like our RA but is also here to be our crutch, so to speak, about getting around and living in this wonderful city, and he has already been very helpful and he seems so laid back and easy to get along with, so I’m really excited to get to know him better.  He gave us a tour of our neighborhood and gave us some helpful tips.

View from the second floor of a small café, espresso bar

The city itself, despite the poor weather and as you can see in the pictures, is gorgeous and was definitely a great choice. I can’t wait to start working and learning more and more about the culture.

The Duomo again.

That’s all for now! I’ll try to get back to my weekly posts while I am abroad again.

Ciao! ~Matthew


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