Les Nations Unies


Hello Internet,

It was a busy week I must say. To begin, Please take a look at this:


I got my non-governmental UN badge on Wednesday. We got it, Joon and I, the other intern at Green Cross with me, and we were hoping to go a meeting with the G21 on nuclear disarmament but it turned out to be a closed meeting. I am still so happy to have it and we’ll go to other briefings and conferences as our time here continues. It is so empowering to walk up to the door and bypass security because you show your badge. So, I was at the UN two days this week. On Wednesday, as I’ve already explained, and then on Thursday as well because my class went there to get a guided tour and the grounds are beautiful. I have pictures. Thursday was an incredibly beautiful day and you could see Mont Blanc from the main Les Palais des Nations building.


Beyond that, I’ve just been working on my research. Currently, I am researching Arctic Security and the issues that we are currently and will soon face in the region. It has been quite eye opening and I think it will become a main point of contention in the years ahead.

That’s about it for this week! It has been Green Cross + United Nations almost all day everyday and when I get back from work, I don’t really do that much as I’ve been quite tired and a little bit sick, but I think I’m getting over it and I will hopefully have better stories for next week!

À plus tard,



3 thoughts on “Les Nations Unies

  1. Very different from last week! Don’t get too comfortable in the “work” environment, there is plenty of time for that. I hope you feel better, make sure to take plenty of vitamin C.


  2. The pictures are incredible. Were the buildings built just for the UN or were they something else in the past and repurposed? How does it feel to be a VIP? I saw the same building on TV news the other morning as they were showing diplomats coming to the meeting. Don’t over do the Vit C


    1. They were originally built to house the League of Nations as they were originally in another building, les Palais de Wilson (built for and named after Woodrow Wilson, known here as the ‘architect’ of the League of Nations), and it was getting too small, but les Palais des Nations, where the UN is housed now, wasn’t finished until 1938, so the LON was only there for one year before the onset of the second world war and it’s ultimate collapse. The buildings laid dormant for the entirety of the war and so in 1945 when there were talks of where to set up The United Nations HQ in Europe, Switzerland said they had just the place and the United Nations ended up back here in Geneva just like LON. And it feels so cool to bypass security, hold up my badge and walk into the building.


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