Pourquoi Pas?


Hello Internet,

Welcome yourself to the most exciting blog post yet. You may be thinking, “Bubbles, (or whatever you call yourself), that’s a bold statement” and you’re right, Bubbles, it is a very bold statement, but I can promise that it is 100% true. Strap-in, this is a good one.

First of all, I got my internship placement for the second half my program here. I will be working at Green Cross International and I start February 29th. Green Cross is a non-governmental organization, or NGO, that focuses on the social issues caused by environmental degradation and works closely with the United Nations. I had a joint interview on Thursday with Joon Yong Choi, another guy on the trip who will be working there with me. The interview was mostly a formality though, and we basically just introduced ourselves and learned what the position was going to be like. I’m so very excited and I’ll be working directly for the C.O.O. of the company. He will give us topics of policy discussion to research and write a report on, so it’s not going to be entirely glamorous but I am happy that I am going to get some professional writing experience under my belt. There is also the opportunity to go to UN conferences for the C.O.O. of the company and then write up reports of the proceedings and that is what I am most excited about. I honestly can’t wait. You can read more about the company here. Also, here’s a picture of the company’s logo:


To stay along the same line with job news, I got the confirmation a few weeks ago that this summer I will be returning to Europe to work in Milan, Italy, through Lehigh University’s Iacocca International Internship Program. In Milan, I will be working as a communications intern at IES Abroad Italy. The coolest part about these internships is that they are fully funded. I will be there from June 1st until July 10th. That’s about all I know for now but I am so excited to be living in Europe for another month and a half. This also means that I will continue this blog throughout that experience as well. Here’s a stock picture of Milan:


Now for the best part: Yesterday, I traveled to Sion, Switzerland. I had no idea what I was getting into but it sounded like a cool place so I went and it was incredible. Words cannot describe the joy I felt at the natural beauty I saw around me. It was about a 2 hour train ride and the Sion visit began with a long trek up a hill to find the town’s famous small church and its fortifications on top of a hill. This was accompanied by “Wow, this is the most amazing view,” and I believed that, until I got closer to the top and that amazing view was replaced by an even greater one. Following that, it was off to the other castle on the adjacent hill that you could see directly next to the one I was on originally and again, the sights just became more and more beautiful. The best part was that the weather cooperated and allowed for some amazing photos and sightseeing. This small town in the heart of the Swiss Alps has taken a strong grasp as one of the my favorite places in the world. I could not tell you how many times I looked across the landscape and felt humbled by the Earth’s beauty. These photos do not do it justice but it will have to do. I already can’t wait to go back and I was just there yesterday. Take a long look:

Notre Dame Basilica, Sion, Switzerland


Château de Tourbillon, Sion, Switzerland, and a small chapel in front.


Notre Dame Basilica, Sion, Switzerland


Notre Dame Basilica, Sion, Switzerland





2 thoughts on “Pourquoi Pas?

  1. WOW! What amazing views! Have you considered adding photo journalism to your resume. Sharing your experiences and your point of view and what you are feeling is the next best thing to being there.


  2. Very cool! Thanks for sharing all the photos! Congrats again on getting the internships! Just a couple more days for your birthday. I hope you have something out of the ordinary planned.


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