Bern, Switzerland

Hello Internet,

I’m getting closer to getting my posts back on time. Hopefully, I’ll get it together this upcoming weekend and actually post on Sunday like I said I would.

So, from this week: On Tuesday, I made my way to Lausanne, Switzerland, a decent sized town, that is just on the other side of Lake Geneva, in order to see Lausanne Hockey Club take on the Zurich Lions for the Swiss Cup. It was only about a 40 minute train ride. First of all, it was so cool to see a hockey game and have all the people around me shouting in French. Secondly, I bought a standing room only ticket and it was packed so I had to shove my way to be able to see but I really did have a great time. I watched as the Zurich Lions beat Lausanne 4-1, much to the chagrin of all the locals around me and I got to see them raise the trophy which was soooo awesome. The atmosphere is cool but it’s completely different than an NHL game. First of all, the stadium is obviously smaller than the behemoths we have in the States. Also, It feels so much more like a soccer game, which I guess makes sense, with the supporter’s sections that are loud and chanting with waving flags.

Lausanne HC Arena

This game meant more to me than that though as currently, the top NHL prospect is playing, at 18 years old, for Zurich. His name is Auston Matthews and now if he does become a really good NHL player as the experts are predicting, I will be able to say that I got to see him play and win a trophy in Switzerland where he started his career.

Setting up the stage, after victory.
I just stole this one from the internet, Auston Matthews is number 34 right up front.

Also this week, in one of my classes, we went to the Patek-Phillipe watch museum. It was kinda cool to see the really old watches…. for like 15 minutes, then it was just like the same thing over and over again and our tour guide was sooooo monotone and boring. She didn’t get the hint that she needed to move faster and not give a redundant explanation for every watch in the museum. “And over here we have another exquisite piece…” It was also just kinda not appealing to see such a flaunt of wealth like that. It was this 3 floor museum of just really old and expensive watches that the owner of the Patek-Phillipe watch makers company had put together. There had to be billions and billions of dollars in that museum. Yeah, some of the really old watches were cool to see and now I know how a watch works but beyond that, not worth it, in my opinion anyway. Rant over.

This past weekend, I went to Bern, Switzerland. Bern is the Swiss capital and has a very intact old town. While there we went to the Cathedral, a rose garden and the historical museum which had a cool traveling Einstein exhibit (he actually finished his theory of relativity whilst living in Bern). It was a great day trip. The best part of it was how beautiful of a day it was. Here, take a look:

Bern Cathedral
Bern Cathedral



Never ending staircase at the Einstein exhibit. Whaaaaat???

That’s all I have for now!



P.S The never-ending staircase was created with a three sided staircase and then filling the room with mirrors on all sides. It was so cool.


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